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Archbishop Ole Sapit warns Kenyans of next action LGBTQ+ association will take

ACK Archbishop Sapit has called on Kenyans to take a stand against a recent ruling by the Supreme Court allowing LGBTQ+ community to form associations.

ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit during a church service

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has reiterated his stand against a recent ruling by the Supreme Court allowing members of the LGBTQ+ community in Kenya to form associations.

Insisting that Biblical values are being threatened by the ruling, Archbishop Sapit warned that the community may escalate its 'agenda' further, to decriminalise homosexuality in Kenya.

"When we register without scrutinising why they associate, then are we going to register any other group that we know is going to do something that is not right in the eyes of society?

"If it is still criminal in the laws of Kenya, then why register an organisation whose abbreviations say they are defined by that which is criminal?" the clergyman stated in an interview on Citizen TV.


He went on to elaborate that after the community is allowed to form associations, it will escalate its efforts to change the values in Kenyan society.

"I'm asking our judicial system, 'why are we doing it?' What we have seen in the West is that they [LGBTQ+ community] will anchor themselves in the law so that when they are recognised as an association the next fight will be, 'remove the criminality in what we do because we are allowed to associate'.

"Then the next one will be, 'we don't want to be discriminated' and then they will come to the church and say they'd like to be ordained as Bishop 'because if you don't, you're discriminating against me'. We can see that progression coming," the Archbishop outlined, calling for the Supreme Court ruling to be reversed.


Sapit suggested that the push to advance gay rights in Kenya is motivated by foreign aid, noting that foreign donors now have it as a requirement before funding is approved.

"We can see a 'hand' beyond the people who have been recruited into it - because this is a recruiting game - there's a lot of money play to recruit people into it.

"I don't exactly know which 'hand' but I know it must be foreign because we now know that for you to qualify for this aid and that aid you must agree that they [LGBTQ+ community] have a right and they can operate wherever they want. Why have the Western governments put it as a priority that they want to push the democracy agenda into this debate?" he questioned.


Convinced that Kenyan values will be eroded, the Archbishop called on all people of faith to take a stand against the Supreme Court ruling to preserve moral values.

"I want to call on people of faith and the Christian family and all of us to stand up and say no to this because it will eat up into the gains we have always made in bringing a moral society based on values. It's not a narrow's an attack on humanity and family and against how God created us," Sapit urged.


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