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Diamond & Rayvanny disagree after failing to perform hit collabo together

Diamond and Rayvanny differ while explaining why they didn't perform 'Yaya' hit together

Rayvanny (left) and Diamond Platnumz

Bongo Flava star Rayvanny was compelled to explain why he didn't perform his collaborative hit with Diamond Platnumz at the Zombie Night concert.

During an interview with a Wasafi presenter about the issue, he sarcastically remarked that regular people are facing unfair treatment out there.

Diamond was present and chuckled, commenting that Rayvanny performed some songs while Diamond was en route to the venue.


Rayvanny interrupted Diamond before he could finish and clarified that he hadn't performed the 'Yaya' hit, despite Diamond's ongoing argument.

When Diamond was asked separately why he didn't perform with Rayvanny, before he could answer, Rayvanny swiftly entered the scene to express his grievances.

Rayvanny voiced his perception of unfair treatment since leaving Wasafi, mentioning that there are certain songs they can't perform anymore.

Although Diamond attempted to present his perspective once more, Rayvanny didn't let him speak and emphasized that their situation was affecting Juma Jux's concert.


Subsequently, Rayvanny proceeded to perform 'Yaya' on his own, and Diamond commented that Rayvanny included both him and Juma Jux in the act.

"Juma Jux dah we were attacked yesterday and Rayvanny…kiufupi made us laugh on the set of 'Yaya'," Diamond wrote.

Rayvanny playfully responded to Diamond by stating that he took control of the show, leaving Diamond with no choice but to perform one song and exit the stage.


Rayvanny reportedly faced an additional TSh50 million (Sh2.5 million) charge as he navigated his exit from Wasafi in August 2022, a month after parting ways with the label.

Tanzanian media indicated that he violated his contract terms by performing at Nandy's festival in July 2022 before fully terminating his ties with Diamond's record label.


Having already paid TSh800 million (Sh40 million) to terminate his contract, this new charge raised questions about the complexities of artist-label relationships.

Diamond commented to DW Africa that artists leave his label when they don't adhere to contractual terms, emphasising that Wasafi doesn't just sign artists but transforms their music into successful businesses.


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