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Diamond escalates beef with Harmonize in Tanzania's music supremacy battle

Diamond and Harmonize don't see eye to eye

Diamond Platnumz (left) and Harmonize

Diamond Platnumz has finally responded to Harmonize with a savage post in regard to who is the king of music in Tanzania.

Harmonize and Diamond have been throwing words at each other ever since they fell out in 2019 and Harmonize founded his own record label Konde Music Worldwide thereafter.

Harmonize has been releasing many hits in a row ever since he quit Wasafi Music label and he has never shied off from hitting back at Diamond in some of his songs.


Diamond took to his Instagram page today to question Harmonize why songs haven't been performing well yet he has been releasing song after song to compete with him.

"Basi mnaolamisha upinzani mngejikazaga hata kidogo kwenye vimauzo vyenu jamani. Asa manyimbo yote mnayatoaga kila kukicha faida yake nini?

"[For those forcing enmity please try to have good marketing strategies. What is the essence of the many songs that you release every day?]," wrote Diamond.

The text was accompanied by a chart that had rankings of Tanzanian artists with the highest number of YouTube views for the month of February 2023.


Diamond had the highest number of views while Harmonize was third on the list. Mboso and Zuchu were also on the list.

Platnumz concluded by sharing a YouTube screenshot of his song 'Zuwena' which has been trending for the past month and he thanked his fans for supporting what he does.

Harmonize opened up in 2021 that he quit Wasafi because of exploitation since Diamond used to take the lion's share of what he used to make when he was contracted under the giant music label in East Africa.


“I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60 percent, leaving me with 40 percent. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music," explained Harmonize.

Harmonize added that Diamond can only tolerate upcoming artists in Tanzania and that his success was misinterpreted when people started to say that he was competing with Diamond.

He added that any Tanzanian artist who hit in Tanzania ended up falling out with Diamond and he named Ali Kiba and Ben Pol to certify his allegations.


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