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He really bothered me - DJ Bonez' crazy encounter with Kamene's ex-boyfriend

DJ Bonez reveals involvement of police after Kamene Goro's ex-boyfriend persistently followed them

Kamene Goro with DJ Bonez

Renowned DJ David Kamau, popularly known as DJ Bonez, and his wife Kamene Goro recently revealed the unsettling experiences they had with one of Kamene's ex-boyfriends.

During an episode of the Kamene and Obinna Podcast on Tuesday July 11 , the couple shared incidents where the persistent ex-lover would follow and disturb them, even at their home and public places.

The couple detailed encounters where they had to involve security guards and the police to address the situation.

"Bonez started wearing a belt and shoes and I knew this was the day. We were just chilling at home after a gig. It was the time of Covid. It was around four o'clock at night. I had taken a shower and then I went to the door and saw that it was locked," Kamene narrated.


DJ Bonez and Kamene recounted an incident where Kamene's ex-boyfriend appeared at their house after they returned from an outing.

The man continuously rang the doorbell, causing the couple to feel alarmed and annoyed. DJ Bonez expressed his frustration with the ex-boyfriend's behavior, emphasizing the absurdity of his actions.


"One day he came and rang the doorbell. He was talking a lot while at the door...That guy came to see that we are not opening. He started ringing the bell. It's stupidity he had," Bonez said.

The couple tried seeking assistance from security guards, but when that failed, they had no choice but to involve the police.

"The guards failed to calm the situation. The police had to be called. They had to go in and they went up and took him out.

"He was saying he had come to his wife. Cops were asking why wouldn't your wife open the door if it's your home? He said it's not his house, it's his wife's. He was told not to enter," Kamene said.


The couple also shared an unsettling incident that took place in Mombasa. Kamene's ex-boyfriend approached them at a club where Dejaay Bonez was performing.

Despite the breakup being over a year prior, the ex-boyfriend wanted to greet Kamene's new partner.


"While we were in Mombasa, he came to a large group of people and touched me, I turned around and was surprised.

"It was about a year since we broke up. He said he wanted to go and say hello to my boyfriend. I said at your peril. He went to the hut in front of him," Kamene said.

However, DJ Bonez swiftly reacted, calling upon the club's bouncers to remove the intruder from the premises. The encounter left Dejaay Bonez feeling bothered by the ex-boyfriend's persistent presence.


"He came and clapped his hands and said congratulations, 'You have won.' Good thing Mombasa is known for bouncers. I called the bouncers to take him out and he was taken to the beach. He really bothered me," said Bonez.

In response to these incidents, Dejaay Bonez made it clear that he would never engage in a physical altercation with another man over a woman.

He firmly stated that he respected himself and believed that a woman should be able to make her own choices.


The only circumstances in which he would step in to defend his partner would be if she was being harassed or faced a threat.

"I can't, I can't fight for a woman. To be honest, I respect myself. Let the woman decide for herself what she wants," he said.

While DJ Bonez maintained his perspective on handling such situations, Kamene seemed displeased with his response. She even expressed her desire to end the conversation.


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