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Kamene Goro reveals men who have been hitting on her husband Dj Bonez

Kamene Goro revealed that more men are attracted to her husband DJ Bonez

Kamene Goro & husband DJ Bonez

Media personality Kamene Goro recently joined forces with Obinna in a new podcast venture aimed at entertaining and educating their fans.

In their debut episode, Kamene decided to share an intriguing revelation about her husband, DJ Bonez, shedding light on the attention he receives from other men and how she handles it.

Kamene Goro expressed that times have changed, and women no longer pose a significant threat to relationships as they did in the past.


Reflecting on her own experiences, she admitted witnessing men hitting on her husband while she was present.

"When I started dating Bonez, a lot of guys used to hit on him. Many men were interested in Bonez. There was even one who came up to me in Mombasa and said, 'Wow, DJ Bonez is so cute.'

"I immediately responded, asking him, 'What do you want? Do you want us to fight? Why are you telling me he’s cute?' I'm right here, a woman from Nairobi. Don't you think I'm aware of his attractiveness?" Kamene Goro recalled.


During their podcast conversation, Kamene Goro also took the opportunity to inquire about Obinna's sexuality, dwelling on their topic of discussion coming out of the closet.

Obinna responded boldly, stating that he has always identified as straight, putting an end to any lingering rumors or speculation.


When discussing their professional collaboration, Kamene praised her husband DJ Bonez for his exceptional work ethic, which has facilitated a seamless working relationship.

She expressed her satisfaction and confidence in their partnership, emphasizing that they have grown accustomed to working together over time.

"It's easy because we have been working together for a while now. He possesses an incredible work ethic, which makes things smooth. I don't have major concerns about it. We have grown accustomed to it. We keep waiting to see if things will change, but so far, it has been easy," Kamene shared, praising her husband.


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