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Omena takes crown as favourite snack for Kamene Goro's dog

Popular Kenyan delicacy omena has earned the title of a favorite snack for Mali, Kamene Goro's cherished dog

Media personality Kamene Goro

If you thought you were the best cook, then prepare to be shocked by media personality Kamene Goro's unconventional approach to cooking the kenyan infamous dish Omena!

In a debut episode of their podcast, Kamene teamed up with former colleague Oga Obinna to showcase their culinary skills.

As Kamene and Obinna made their way to the kitchen, accompanied by DJ Bonez, the stage was set for an unconventional cooking lesson.


Kamene took charge of the kitchen sink, gathering her ingredients, which included soap and disinfectant.

The intrigue began to build as she explained her approach to preparing the dish.

"I want us to clean the omena, to remove the smell... I've done this several times," Kamene jokingly remarked.


She proceeded to fill a basin with hot water from the sink, adding disinfectant and soap to the mix. Obinna, visibly concerned, couldn't help but question her choice of using soap.

"Why are you putting soap?" he asked, perplexed.

"Isn't it to clean it and remove the bad smell?" Kamene replied, half-seriously.

Obinna, still concerned, asked if she had ever cooked omena, to which Bonez revealed that they had only purchased it for their pet.


Kamene was overheard mentioning that her dog absolutely adores Omena. She even goes as far as giving him Omena, and the dog eagerly devours it in an instant!

"Hii ni favourite food ya Mali," Kamene said.

According to Kamene, Mali is quite picky but he doesn't mind mashed potatoes, chapati, and gizzard!

DJ Bonez, her concerned husband, stepped in, questioning her actions and attempting to take the basin away.


"Soap! Soap! Soap! Sabuni yaani," Bonez exclaimed, shocked by the unfolding scene.

"Babe, I will rinse it after this," Kamene reassured him.

Kamene Goro went on to explain that she had washed omena this way before and never experienced any ill effects.


Kamene Goro confidently defended her approach, asserting that her method was the best.


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