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DJ Bonez admits he's struggling with Kamene Goro's smoking habit

Dj Bonez openly expressed his struggle in accepting his wife's smoking habit, particularly cigarettes

Kamene Goro with DJ Bonez

DJ Bonez has expressed his dissatisfaction with his wife Kamene Goro's smoking habit.

Speaking during conversation with his wife Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna on their podcast on June 30, Bonez said that she'd rather smoke something else but not cigarettes.

Obinna, also participating in the conversation, shared his personal disapproval of dating or marrying a smoker.


He recounted an experience where he ended a potential relationship after discovering that the woman smoked cigarettes. Obinna firmly stated that women who smoke are not suitable to be wives.

“I met somebody. She is full spec, the type of shawty I like and everything nice. Later I realized she is a smoker...Dem anasmoke sio wife material,” Obinna said.

DJ Bonez echoed Obinna's sentiments, admitting his reservations about women who smoke.


He openly expressed his struggle in accepting his wife's smoking habit, particularly cigarettes.

"To be honest, this is a struggle and a fight for me. I didn't like women who smoke cigarettes. Smoke anything else, but not sigara," Bonez candidly shared.

In response to the criticism, Kamene Goro defended women who smoke, emphasizing that everyone has their vices and battles privately. She acknowledged that she, too, has her own bad habits.


However, Kamene urged individuals with such habits to be mindful of the preferences of those around them, especially if it makes others uncomfortable.

“Everyone has their bad habits… Even I have my bad habits. The thing is, let’s control those behaviors to be good citizens,” Kamene said.

Addressing the issue of double standards, Kamene highlighted that indulging in substances like marijuana, cigarettes, or alcohol should not automatically disqualify a woman from becoming a wife.


She argued that society should refrain from judging women solely based on societal norms and expectations.


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