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Edday Nderitu finally reveals real reason she refuses to let Samidoh meet their children

Edday Nderitu has disclosed the real reason she won't permit Samidoh to spend time with their three children, beyond what is shared on social media.

Edday Nderitu

The festive season usually brings joy and togetherness, but for Kenyan politician Karen Nyamu and musician Samidoh, their recent Christmas celebrations have stirred up a mix of reactions and debates among netizens.

A video posted by Senator Karen Nyamu at Samidoh's Nyandarua home has triggered discussions about relationships, family dynamics, and the boundaries of shared spaces.

Choosing to spend Christmas Day together, Karen Nyamu and Samidoh, along with their children and some of Samidoh’s family, enjoyed a festive atmosphere at the musician's village home.


While the images portrayed a seemingly harmonious celebration, online users were quick to criticize Karen for visiting a house previously occupied by Samidoh's first wife, Edday Nderitu.

The house, built by Samidoh before his relationship with Nyamu, became a focal point of discussion.

Online comments suggested that Samidoh should consider building a separate house for Karen Nyamu rather than bringing her to his first wife's marital home.


The sentiment resonated with some who felt that maintaining boundaries in shared spaces is crucial, especially when children are involved.

Edday Nderitu, Samidoh's first wife, joined the online conversation, expressing her disappointment.

She claimed that Samidoh had disrespected their children by bringing Nyamu to the house.


In her comment, she implied that their shared familial space was being intruded upon, turning her children into virtual strangers.

“The good thing is that those kids he has disrespected, he will be seeing them on social media just like a stranger," she wrote.


In response to the online buzz, Karen Nyamu defended herself, asserting that she played a significant role in building the house in 2020.

She clarified that she had regularly visited the construction site to provide moral support during her pregnancy.

Nyamu also mentioned attending the house opening ceremony, emphasizing that Edday was not present at the event.


Edday Nderitu is presently residing in the United States with her three children, and earlier this year, she publicly disclosed the end of her marriage with Samidoh.

Meanwhile, Samidoh, who has been sharing moments with Karen Nyamu, has chosen not to disclose the current status of his relationship—leaving the public in suspense about whether they have separated or remain together.


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