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Edday's son twangs months after moving to the U.S. [WATCH]

Edday Nderitu's son leaves netizens astonished with new American accent

Edday Nderitu

Renowned Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki's son, Michael, recently had an exciting opportunity to attend a church summer camp in the United States.

The camp was organized by Bernice Saroni, the singer's US music promoter, and brought together children from various backgrounds.

Michael's experiences at the camp, including his newfound accent, garnered attention on social media.


In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by Bernice Saroni on July 5, she engaged in a conversation with Michael and her youngest son, Junior, about their learnings at the summer camp.

Michael, with a watermelon in hand, enthusiastically shared his new found knowledge.

Displaying an accent that mirrored Saroni's youngest child, he talked about the story of Moses, emphasizing how Moses witnessed a burning fire and encountered a burning bush.


Michael's eagerness to share his learnings left viewers impressed with his engagement and enthusiasm.

During the church summer camp in the US, Michael joined Bernice Saroni's children, forming a bond over their shared experiences.


The children were dressed in red t-shirts adorned with the Bible verse Psalms 32:8, paired with black pants.

Carrying their writing pads in small bags, they embarked on a journey of learning and spiritual growth.


Following the video's circulation on social media, netizens had diverse reactions to Michael's experience at the summer camp.

Some praised Bernice Saroni for her support and involvement in her own children's lives, as well as Michael's presence at the camp. They recognized the significance of nurturing children's spiritual growth from an early age.

On the lighter side, a few users humorously commented on the possibility of Samidoh struggling to understand his son due to Michael's new accent.

The playful remarks sparked amusement among followers, highlighting the impact of cultural exchange and linguistic adaptation.


Here are some of the comments on TIkTok

Julie Betty Mugithi boy is already twenging

susanngige Michael's English is Englishling....Ni Ngai

katoi Thomas James Michael already an American


nims am happy Michael accent already changed! bernace I owe you a big hug for being a true friend to our gal! team eddy our God never sleeps!


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