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Karen Nyamu's heartfelt prayer for Samidoh & Edday amid fallout rumours

Karen Nyamu sends unexpected wish for Samidoh & Edday amid marriage fallout rumours

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu, has expressed her heartfelt desire for the reconciliation of Mugithi singer Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu.

Contrary to her previous posts where she bragged about having Samidoh all to herself, Nyamu now wishes for the couple to reunite so they could form one big family.

During a Facebook interaction on July 2, a fan named Piuri Stacy while commenting on Nyamu's photos expressed her hope for the reunion of Samidoh and Edday's family.


"#nothingbutprayer one day Edday family will unite again," Piuri Stacy commented

Nyamu swiftly responded, agreeing with Stacy and mentioning that it was also her prayer for the couple to reconcile and become a united family.

"Piuri Stacy it is our prayer too. Tukue one big family," Karen Nyamu responded.


Addressing rumors that she had 'married' Samidoh and kept him at her home, Karen Nyamu strongly denied the allegations.

She clarified that Samidoh is a millionaire and that she does not date broke men.

As rumors circulated about Samidoh and Edday's alleged fallout, Samidoh shared a TikTok video featuring him and Nyamu playfully goofing around at home.


The video, seemingly depicting a close bond between Samidoh and Nyamu, emerged at a time when tensions surrounding their relationship were high.

The timing of the video raised eyebrows and fueled further speculation about the nature of their connection


Edday, Samidoh's wife, recently responded sarcastically to rumors about her husband's activities at Nyamu's house. In an apparent reference to the rumors, she asked if Samidoh had indeed been married.

"Imgn Sammy alilala kwa nyamu... but may your wish be granted," a fan commented on Edday's TikTok post.

"Ameolewa kwani?" she replied.


Edday's reaction, coupled with the time she and her children spent in the US while Samidoh and Nyamu enjoyed quality time together, adds to the complexity of their situation.


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