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Butita reveals how Ruto's endorsement drastically changed his life

What happens when the President notices your talent? Eddie Butita shares the inside story

Eddie Butita boarding a plane

Comedian Eddie Butita found himself at the forefront of national attention in June after a commendation from none other than President William Ruto during the Kenya Drama Festivals Winners Gala at State House, Nairobi.

The president singled out Butita and Njugush as a creative force, lauding their ability to monetize artistic talent and even suggesting that the duo might be raking in more than the president's salary of nearly Sh2 million.

In an interview with Dr King’ori aired over the weekend, Butita shared how this unexpected acknowledgement from the president has had a profound impact on his life.

According to Butita, the psychological and subconscious effects of such a powerful endorsement have resonated through various aspects of his career and personal interactions.


"There is something psychological or subconscious about power," Butita mused.

"When the president said I was successful, it changed a lot of dynamics in terms of business, how we relate with other people. Sometimes you get business because someone hopes one day you will mention their name to the president. There is something about power I am trying to understand, especially its effect because the president can be a very good influencer," he added.

Butita, true to his comedic nature, took a lighthearted approach to the situation, suggesting that the president should consider charging for publicly endorsing businesses.


He explained, "Subconsciously, people start believing in your trade. I feel like it was a validation of what we do. I have been a victim of not being validated. All my life, I have been doing great things, but I got a breakthrough when people started validating my work."

Addressing the pressure from Kenyans who expect him, and others perceived to have access to the president, to advocate for their concerns, Butita emphasized the government's awareness of the issues.

He urged, "At the end of the day, I say, the government is usually aware of all the information and concerns that people ask to be passed to the government. It is up to them to address the concerns."

Butita's journey from a comedian to a figure recognized by the highest office in the land showcases the influential role that validation and recognition can play in shaping one's career.


Butita recently celebrated and appreciated Dan 'Churchill' Ndambuki on his birthday.

Butita owes his comedy career's inception to Churchill, who gave him his first comedy opportunity at 18 years old and later employed him as Head of Digital Laugh Industry at 21 years old.

Churchill's faith in Butita's abilities and potential paved the way for his career in the entertainment industry.


Butita fondly remembered the first loan he received from Churchill to organize an event at the age of 24, which marked the start of his remarkable journey.

Churchill is a revered figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene, known for his pioneering work in comedy and mentorship of emerging talent


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