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Eric Omondi labels Butita 'Judas' after State House meeting

Eric has asked Butita not to visit State House again

President William Ruto (2nd from left), DP Rigathi Gachagua, Eddie Butita (behind DP Gachagua) and other content creators and government officials at State House on June 2, 2022.

Comedian Eric Omondi in an interview with Spm Buzz called out Eddie Butita alongside other content creators who were invited to State House for a function by President William Ruto on June 2.

The visit occurred at a time when the government had proposed a 15 per cent tax on digital content creators, a measure that Eric and other creators were opposing.

Eric mentioned that he did not attend the function at State House and raised questions about the purpose of Butita, Blessed Njugush, and other content creators' presence at the event.


Eric directly addressed Butita, urging him not to be swayed by anyone, emphasizing that Butita is a leader himself as he also has an online media platform.

Eric further questioned the example being set by the content creators who attended the State House function while simultaneously fighting against the taxation bill.

He suggested that instead of going to State House, the content creators should convene a meeting among themselves to address the matters at hand.

During the interview, Eric mentioned that he reached out to Butita and expressed his belief that Butita made a mistake by visiting the State House, likening his actions to those of Judas.


During the function, Ruto discussed the government's proposal to impose a 15 per cent tax on content creators and went on to mention that Butita and comedian Blessed Njugush were earning more money than him.

However, Ruto later changed his stance on the proposed Finance Bill, which included the clause on taxing content creators.


He urged the Parliamentary Finance and ICT Committees to reconsider the taxation provision.

According to Eric, he stated that Ruto was directly addressing him when discussing taxation with content creators, as Eric has been actively opposing the bill.

However, Eric also expressed a great deal of respect for Ruto, mentioning that he believes those advising Ruto to tax content creators are providing him with misleading information.


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