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Eric Omondi's act of kindness towards riders goes viral [Video]

Omondi said he will continue to share with Kenyans the little that he has

A collage of bodaboda riders and Eric Omondi [Photos: Instagram]

Comedian Eric Omondi fueled 250 motorbikes for riders in Lang'ata, just one day after securing the release of 22 petty offenders from Nairobi West Prison.

Omondi, who has been making headlines recently for his protests advocating for a lower cost of living, shared a video on social media of himself at a petrol station in Lang'ata, surrounded by bodaboda riders who cheered as their bikes were fueled.

Comedian Omondi stated that people in Kenya, especially bodaboda riders, are suffering due to the high cost of living. He explained that he had fueled the 250 bikes to help alleviate some of their struggles.


"Issue kubwa sanaa hapa Kenya ni mafuta na unga. Watu wanaumia sanaa. Families are going without food. A bigger percentage of these people ni watu wa nduthi. We are calling upon the government to reduce fuel prices whatever it takes. Sisi tutaendelea ku share the little we have with fellow Kenyans. Leo tumewekea 250 nduthi guys petroli. I hope itawaskuma kidogo.

"[The issue at hand in Kenya is the high prices of petrol and maize flour, which is causing people to suffer and families to go without food. A significant percentage of those affected are motorcycle riders. We urge the government to lower fuel prices. In the meantime, we fueled 250 motorbikes for riders. We hope that this will alleviate some of their hardship]," Eric Omondi stated.

2023 has been a busy and hectic year for comedian Eric Omondi, starting with protests, arrests, and his efforts to help Kenyans.


On March 1, Eric was arrested at City Stadium for donating maize flour to needy Kenyans. However, his lawyers secured his release after appearing at the Milimani Law Courts.

Despite the setback, Eric continued his charitable work and later secured the release of Joyce Naserian, a sales lady who had been arrested and jailed for shouting in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD).


aleksvince Kazi safi lakini ukiwakea leo,kesho nani atawaekea? We need a sustainable solution.

occoloh Wee ndio unafanya kazi most kuliko Govt.

ondariloise Umeanza campaign mapema mzae si utasota before 2027 ifike. Wapy makofi Kwa Erick Omond.

wonder.gloria I really admire what Eric Omondi is doing. He really understands what people are going through and he is sharing what he has with others. Some people will misjudge him or misunderstand him but even if I'm the only person clapping for him, I'll clap, cause he's doing what people can't do even the people we elected kutetea haki zetu. Good job Eric and may your pockets never run dry.


vugutsadickson True, especially food,unàlala njaa na unafaa kuamkia mjengo.

kingleeec Unawalipa ndio wakuje maandamano??

moraraow3n 2027 endea hiyo seat ya Langata hata.


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