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Eric Omondi secures release for 22 petty offenders from Nairobi West Prison [Video]

Eric Omondi recently secured the release of another petty offender who had been jailed for lacking Sh10,000 cash bail

Comedian Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has made headlines once again with his latest act of kindness. The popular comedian recently secured the release of 22 men from Nairobi West Men's Prison.

The young men had been locked up for various offences, but Omondi believes that their only crime was trying to fend for their families.

According to Omondi's Instagram post, he promised to release more men in the future. He also provided each of the 22 men with two packets of unga.

"Today we released 22 men from Nairobi West Men's Prison (we will release more). These were young men whose only crime was fending for their families. We need to change a lot. Na wameenda home na Unga mbili mbili," Eric wrote.


This act of kindness has been widely praised on social media, with many people hailing Omondi for his kind act.

The funny man has, in the recent past, been actively pushing for reforms in different sectors, including the lowering of the cost of living by the government.

Omondi has gone as far as holding demonstrations in parliament buildings to get his message home. In the course of his activism, Omondi has been arrested twice and charged with creating public disturbance.


He was first arrested on February 21, alongside 17 others, while leading a protest against the cost of living. On March 1, he was arrested again while distributing unga to Kenyans at City Stadium. The case relating to the first arrest was on Monday pushed to May.

Meanwhile, the court declined to issue orders protecting him and his co-accused from law enforcers.

Omondi has, however, vowed not to relent until the issues he is raising are addressed, insisting that arresting and victimizing him will not hold him back.


"Eric Omondi is going to be the voice of that Kenyan who has no voice. Eric Omondi is going to shout on mountaintops.

"The only thing I'm requesting the government is to listen. Listen to what the people are saying because if you don't listen to what the people are saying, that's when your downfall begins." Eric said in a recent interview.

Many Kenyans online continue to hail Omondi for his act of kindness.


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