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Eric Omondi's customised kart lands him in trouble

It is still not clear if Eric was taken to the police station

Comedian Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi encountered a situation where traffic officers halted him while he was driving his modified racing kart along Ngong Road on August 5.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Eric expressed his confusion about the reason for being stopped and inquired about the officers' interest in his racing machine.

"Polisi wanauliza Kiatu nini sasa Shuwaly? Nimesimamishwa hapa Ngong Road nikielekea Naivasha.


"[What are the police asking this shoe? I have been stopped along Ngong Road on my way to Niavasha]," Eric wrote.

The racing car Eric Omondi was driving had been uniquely customized to resemble a shoe, and in the video, the police could be observed engaging him in questioning, attracting the attention of onlookers who gathered to witness the incident.

Many in the crowd had their phones ready, attempting to capture every detail of the unfolding events.

The subsequent events following the incident remain uncertain, but the video garnered diverse reactions from various individuals.


On July 29, Eric shared a video of himself driving the same vehicle in Nairobi's CBD, playfully teasing that he was en route to Kisumu.

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maluche_ Utaskia kesho ati "Erick Omondi released of ksh10000 cash bail after being arrested by NTSA for violating sijui what!"


djbellpeace27 You were born to disturb the world's people just I'm sending love from Kigali 🇷🇼 brother.

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