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Fans root for Cartoon Comedian as perfect match for Sammy Boy

Fans have suggested that Sammy boy should consider having Cartoon Comedian as bae.

Cartoon Comedian and Sammy Boy

Kenyan musician and entertainer Sammy Boy has recently received unexpected matchmaking suggestions from fans on social media.

During an interactive session with his followers on February 10, Sammy Boy asked for suggestions on who he could be compatible with.

Much to his surprise, most of the responses rooted for him to date the popular social media personality, Cartoon Comedian.

The fans expressed their views on the couple, citing that the two personalities complement each other, thus making them a perfect match.


One fan even wrote, "Sammy Boy, you guys can make a good couple with Cartoon Comedian. Just a fan of you guys and wanna see past my thoughts."

The post prompted a response from Sammy Boy, who praised Cartoon Comedian's skills but admitted that her jokes make it difficult for him to take her seriously.

He suggested she needed some polish to set her on the right track.


He firmly stated that he had never met her in person and could not and would never take her seriously because of her many jokes.

Another fan had suggested that Sammy Boy and Cartoon Comedian's brand and music would be compatible. Still, Sammy Boy quickly refuted the suggestion, stating that he had never met Cartoon.

"But bro, in my honest opinion, cartoon comedian. She is a fine babe for you and I am sure you can manage each other since you'll have a brand and do music, " The fan wrote.


He insisted in another post that he doesn't need to date someone famous just because he is influential.

"Kenyans come on, it doesn't mean that when someone is influential, i should be with someone popular," Sammy wrote.

Additionally, fans suggested other potential matches for Sammy Boy, such as TikTok content creator Kendy, Chebet Ronoh, and Huddah.


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