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Flaqo & Keranta address pregnancy rumours [Video]

Flaqo and Keranta celebrated their 3rd anniversary recently after months of speculations that they were dating.

Flaqo and Keranta

Content creators Flaqo and Keranta have denied rumours that they are expecting a baby together after rumours of Keranta being pregnant started circulating online.

Flaqo first posted a photo of himself shocked with a caption asking what people were talking about in regard to the pregnancy rumours.

The couple couldn't stand the rumours which were spreading like wildfire and they decided to record a video together to clarify that Keranta is not expectant.


"I'm not pregnant and I am not going to be pregnant any time soon. I'm always asked if I am pregnant whenever I post on my social media platforms.

"Some always end up congratulating me in advance and I always wonder what's going on," said Keranta.

Flaqo teased his girlfriend by demanding to see the baby bump in the video stating that maybe he was the only one who was not aware that she was expectant.

Keranta cheekily replied to Flaqo by asking if he wasn't aware of the changes that were taking place in her body yet they are together.


The two love birds asked their fans to pray for them after they opened up that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

The two have been an item for a very long time and they just confirmed recently that they have dated for three years.


Rumours of Keranta carrying Flaqo's baby all started when a clip of the two dancing surfaced online and Keranta was wearing a baggy t-shirt and their fans started speculating that she was hiding something beneath the baggy clothing.

People went as far as far as congratulating the two and even wished them well in their new journey.


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