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WATCH: Lady Bee interrupts video shoot to preach to curious onlookers

The onlookers were made up of a group of young men chewing miraa

Gospel singer Lady Bee

Gospel singer Bernice Nduku, popularly known as Lady Bee, momentarily interrupted her video shoot to preach to a group of young men who had gathered to watch the exercise.

Lady Bee's attention was drawn to the group of young men who were chewing khat (Muguka), which she said was a devil's scheme to ruin their lives. The singer warned the young men of the dangers of drug abuse.

"Shetani yuko hapa kuharibu maisha ya wanaume, anataka kuharibu nyinyi. Anaaka kuwaharibu na muguka na bangi na pombe ili maisha yenye yote iwe ya bure," she pleaded with them as the cast and crew looked on.

"Lazima ujiangalie na ujue uko na maisha moja ya kuishi. Leo uko hapa, kesho umefariki. Wangapi wamefariki marafiki wetu tunawajua?" Lady Bee asked the group, who told her they had witnessed many friends die over the habit.


Lady Bee further told the young men to seek better ways, noting that she was a drug abuser before she eventually got saved. "Mkubali Yesu, hata mimi nilikuwa navuta ndom kwanza sana, kindukulu," she said.

Before joining the gospel industry, Lady Bee was in the secular industry where she featured in a number of songs.


In February, Lady Bee came to the defense of gospel musicians after Eric Omondi accused gospel artists of letting the industry down.

Lady Bee said some gospel singers had to take time off their music careers to care for their families, stressing that family comes first.

"There is a time artists take a break because they want to take care of their children. You cannot go and perform while pregnant. Guardian Angel got married recently. Will he continue serving or taking care of his family?"


“First of all, you have to cater for your house. If your house does not profess Jesus as the Lord of that homestead and your life, then you are failing. You can be out there preaching the gospel, but your house is crumbling because you are so busy," she noted.

Lady Bee is behind songs such as 'Nakuinua', 'Damu ya Yesu' and 'Twende kwa Yesu'.


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