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How celebrities and fans reacted to Zuchu’s breakup with Diamond

Fans and celebrities give their take.

Diamond and Zuchu get cozy as they unveil Mtasubiri video

Tanzanian singers Zuchu caused ripples after announcing that she is single and asked fans not to tag her in any of Diamond Platnumz’s post, signaling the end of their short-lived relationship.

"Don't tag me in his bullshit, I am single from now going forward. Thank you," fired the 'Sukari' hitmaker in a post that sent tongues wagging.

The news was received with mixed reactions by both fans and celebrities even as the two maintained that they are no longer dating.

Speculation was rife from a section of fans that the move could be a publicity stunt before dropping a new song even as Diamond weighed in on the matter.


Among those who weighed in on the matter was singer Willy Paul who failed to believe the news.

Taking to his Insta-story, Pozze opined that the 'Sukari' hitmaker has resorted to clout chasing to promote her new tune 'Utaniua'.

"Sasa umepiga kiki zimeisha unaanza kujirudia waaah earth is hard.. story za kawaida izo bans au Zuu amefanya ile kitu? mimi niliacha kiki sai ni mziki mzuri tu my friend," Willy Paul stated.


Shortly after Zuchu shared the news that she is single, Bongo star Diamond also put up a cryptic message that saw a section of his fans read in between the lines and speculate that the message was targeting Zuchu after their fallout.

Borrowing rapper Future's photo to deliver the point home, Diamond wrote:

"Put your Shawty first and watch her start taking advantage of you."

On his part, Kenyan Amapiano artist Cartoon47 shared a screenshot of what he alleged to be a conversation that he had with Zuchu hours after the diva confirmed that she is no longer with Diamond Platnumz.


The screenshot shows Cartoon asking Zuchu why she has texted him whereby he tried to joke about the breakup story with Zuchu telling him to mind his own business.

"Please leave me alone Cartoon and don't ever mention that name again because it makes me feel like throwing up," responded Zuchu.

As the news made rounds, Diamond surfaced yet again clarifying that indeed they had parted ways.

“Kwa pamoja na Zuhura tunaimba tuwataarifu ya kwamba, Kwa sasa sis ni Dada na kaka na si wapenzi kama ilivyokuwa ikidhaniwa ama wengine kujua.

“Mnaruhusiwa wachumba na wake ama wanaume kama tutawaridhia lakini muwe na vibarua vinavyoeleweka sio mje kutuchuna, maana atuhongi hovyo,”


His statement in English loosely translates to:

Jointly with Zuhura (Zuchu) we would like to let you know that we are now like brother and sister and not like before when most of you thought or knew we were lovers.

Potential new lovers are allowed to try their luck but let them be informed that you must have something tangible that you are bringing to the table and doing something meaningful with your life and not coming after our money because we don’t give it out that easily.

Below are more reactions from fans, some of whom used their songs to comment on the matter.


Flavian Ayela: Kwikwikwi utaliaaaa....alafu tulisubiri muachane ukasema tutasubiri sana.

Clinter Kavosa: Mtasubiri Sanahata sikuwa nimesubiri Aki mapenzi wewe.

J Arno Rhyman Kuna collabo on the way.

Agnes Mwende: Clout chasing...wako pamoja still doing music kumbuka Zuchu yuko na contract na Wasafi sooo wasitubebe ufala....I know they will use our comment to create a new song.

Marion Martial: Kwi kwi kwi kwi,,nitaliaaah the song manifesting


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