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How pressure pushed YY to flaunt fake car keys in public

Comedian YY expresses that he experienced pressure to own a car

YY Comedian

Comedian YY disclosed during an interview with YouTuber 2mbili that he had once purchased car keys solely to feign ownership of a car.

According to YY, the key had cost him approximately Sh300, and while commuting in a matatu, he would make random phone calls to give the impression that he possessed a car.

"Hello, I brought my car for service but I forgot and went away with the keys. Now why did I go away with the key?" YY said sarcastically.


He went on to mention that he used to repeat the same statement whenever another passenger boarded the matatu, in order to create the impression that he owned a car, even though he didn't.

However, one day YY made the decision to stop pretending and set a timeline for himself to acquire his first car.

He then disposed of the fake car key after visualizing his goal and began working towards purchasing his dream car.

YY recounted an incident when he brought a girl to his house and acted as if he owned a car.


However, the next day he woke up to find the car missing, claiming it had been stolen. Nonetheless, he was determined to buy another car.

YY mentioned that the first step towards owning a car is to spot one and start thinking about it.

He further added that this could be any car, whether it belongs to a friend or is simply a random car on the streets.


Once you have spotted a car and started thinking about it, the next natural step is typically to randomly spot your dream car.

At this point, your mind becomes fixated on this particular car, and you may end up forgetting about lavish cars or any other car for that matter.

The third step, according to YY, towards owning a car is inquiring about its price, and how you react upon being told will determine your path towards car ownership.

If your response is positive, it signifies that you have entered the journey of owning a car. Your mind would be programmed accordingly, and you would start working towards achieving that goal.


The subsequent step involves behaving as if you already own a car. At times, this may lead to moments of embarrassment when you find yourself boarding a matatu

Once someone reaches this stage, they may begin to rely on hiring taxis as a means of transportation. In fact, they might even choose to stay indoors if they don't have enough money to afford hiring a taxi.


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