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How rejection by former NTV presenter helped Bahati meet wife Diana Marua

Bahati has acknowledged that ex-NTV presenter's rejection motivated him to look for Diana Marua.

Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua are set to embark on a new chapter in their love story as they prepare to walk down the aisle.

The singer took to Instagram on September 4 to share a heartwarming post, reminiscing about the day he first crossed paths with Diana, a memory that dates back seven years.

In his post, Bahati shared the endearing tale of how he first encountered Diana Marua. At the time, he was in the process of creating his music video for the song 'Mapenzi.'


His initial choice for the video's female lead was former NTV presenter Tracy Wanjiru. However, his attempts to reach Tracy proved unsuccessful, leading him to explore other options.

"I had written my first love song as a Gospel artist and the girl I wanted to appear on the video declined my offer. That was the former NTV Teen Republic host Tracy Wanjiru... I think she was the only beautiful girl I knew then manze sikua na Connections," he wrote.

With his heart set on creating the perfect music video, Bahati decided to message Diana Marua, a woman who had previously shown her support by liking many of his Instagram posts.


"Later I remembered of a queen who had liked a Picture of mine on Instagram. I had never met her. I reached out to Diana Marua just like any other video vixen little did I know that I was looking at my wife-to-be. I had shot many music videos before but God used this specific shoot to connect me to my soul mate," he wrote.

Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary decision would change the course of his life forever.

The music video shoot served as a pivotal moment that brought them together, and their connection deepened with time.


In his message, Bahati expressed his gratitude to Tracy Wanjiru for declining his initial offer.

He recognised that her decision to say no ultimately paved the way for him to meet his prayer partner Diana Marua.

The couple's journey together over the past seven years has been nothing short of remarkable, and Bahati couldn't be more thankful for the unexpected twists of fate that brought them together.


"Thanks to the amazing Tracy because God used you to say no and that's how I met my prayer partner. It's still unbelievable that on 20th October we are Celebrating 7 years together," he wrote.

As the couple approaches their seventh anniversary, they are filled with anticipation for their upcoming wedding.

Diana Marua also shared her excitement, expressing her love for Bahati and her eagerness to officially become his wife.


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