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I support! - Bien speaks after Ruto's assurance over ruling on LGBTQ+ associations

Sauti Sol lead singer, Bien gives his take

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime Baraza

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime Baraza has declared his stand following recent ruling by the Supreme Court allowing members of the LGBTQ+ to form associations as unacceptable with president William Ruto stating that he will not allow the country to go down that path of allowing same-sex marriages.

The singer expressed his support for the LGBTI+ community in Kenya, noting that he is a strong supporter of the community and the public has no business snooping into the affairs of others.

In an interview with TV47 from London, Bien maintained the LGBTQ+ debate is distracting Kenyans from the real issues that are affecting their lives such as corruption.

"Mi nasupport LGBTQ sana. Mi nasupport watu kufanya kenye wanataka expression yao. Hio Kenya shida zetu ni njaa, shida zetu ni economic empowerment, shida zetu ni proper education in our schools… There are so many problems that come before this LGBTQ issue lakini I feel like the government is using this to hoodwink you guys and to remove your attention from the things that actually matter.” Bien explained.


"Lakini LGBTQ si shida kubwa kuliko corruption kwa hio country so please focus on the things that are important hio LGBTQ si shida ya mtu kenye mtu anafanya kwa bedroom. Shida ambayo inatukumba sisi wote na inatuinvolve sisi wote ni corruption, ni proper education in our schools.

“What is the education system teaching our children? Kuna njaa in northern Kenya, why are we still experiencing Kenyans who are dying of hunger. Unataka kuniambia LGBTQ community ikiisha njaa itapotea? corruption itapotea? Kuna so many things that are going wrong but we are focusing on the wrong things.” Bien added.

The community recently achieved a milestone when the Supreme Court allowed members of the LGBTQ+ to form associations, a move that president William Ruto declared “unacceptable”.


Speaking during the launch of the second phase of the Hustler Fund on Thursday, March 2, the head of state said that it was against all religions practiced in Kenya.

We have customs and traditions as well as the constitution. We respect all our religions. We cannot go down that path of allowing same-sex marriages. That is unacceptable in Kenya,” the president said.

On Friday, February 24, the Supreme Court ruled that denying LGBTQ+ members the right to register as an NGO was discriminatory.

In its verdict, the judges castigated the NGOs Co-ordination Board for refusing to register four names for an LGBTQ+ organisation on the grounds that same-sex marriage is outlawed in Kenya.


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