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Jackie Matubia's reply to queries on relationship & co-parenting status with Blessing

Jackie Matubia responds to questions about her relationship with baby daddy Blessing Lung'aho & their co-parenting arrangement

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has chosen to remain tight-lipped about her relationship with fellow actor and baby daddy Blessing Lung'aho.

Despite their once-public romance, both Jackie and Blessing have refrained from discussing the reasons behind their separation after nearly eight months.

During an interview with a local media house on February 27, Matubia was confronted with questions about the status of her co-parenting relationship with Blessing Lung'aho.


"It's been almost two years tangu upate mtoto wako wa pili na Blessing Lung'aho na at some point mkakuja mkaachana, so are you guys co-parenting ama namna gani?" the interviewer questioned.

Despite being almost two years since the birth of their child Zendaya, Matubia evaded the question, opting for a vague response.

"Next," Jackie answered.


Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung'aho were once hailed as a social media power couple, often celebrated for their apparent happiness and compatibility.

Their relationship began in February 2021, and for two years, they portrayed the epitome of the couple's goals.


However, rumours of their breakup surfaced shortly after celebrating their second dating anniversary in early 2023.

The couple welcomed a daughter together, marking significant milestones in their relationship.

During Blessing's birthday celebration in April 2022, he proposed to Matubia in a memorable event that hinted at an impending wedding.

Blessing's unwavering support for Matubia was evident, particularly during her debut on the Salem TV series, where he publicly expressed his admiration and love for her.


Lung'aho first introduced his babe in a video promoting a pool party, where he affectionately referred to her using pet names.

The video showcased the couple, with Lung'aho dressed in all white and his partner, clad in a bikini, seated beside him.


In a separate post, Lung'aho shared glimpses of him and his new woman. The actor, dressed in a black suit and white shirt, was seen escorting his partner, adorned in a white dress, to a waiting car.

The images portrayed a sense of happiness and companionship between the couple.


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