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Janet Mbugua shares most embarrassing menstrual moment that happened in front of her kids

I was so embarrassed- Janet

Media personality Janet Mbugua

Media personality Janet Mbugua has shared her most embarrassing menstrual story that happened in front her kids Huru and Mali.

The Ex-Citizen TV news anchor disclosed that on Tuesday, she was preparing for a fun afternoon with her children, when her firstborn son noticed some blood stains on her pants.

Ms Mbugua narrated that the awkward moment left her embarrassed as her innocent kids were not aware of the cause of the blood stain and she could not explain to them.


Janet Mbugua's menstrual story

"Is there any woman who can confidently say they never had an embarrassing menstrual staining story? 😩

Here’s my latest one, from yesterday, no less:

I’m walking in front of my sons towards the play area at home, as we prepare for a fun afternoon of activities. Huru remarks casually, ‘Mum, I think you sat on the red flowers’.

I’m trying to figure out what he means and then I freeze and try to act normal all at once. Our nanny, who was walking behind us and had already seen my mess even before Huru did, was rushing to my aid. She whispers, ‘umeharibu nguo’( you’ve spoilt your clothes).


The hush tones and my general embarrassment now really have Huru and Mali curious. They’re both staring at us.

By this time I’m walking backwards towards my bedroom, a weak smile on my face.

Huru: What’s wrong?


Me: (weak smile) Nothing, bubba.

Mali: What wrong?

Me: (still weak-smiling) Nothing dear! (as I perfect my moonwalk)

Nanny: (awkward gaze)

Me: I’m fine everyone, it’s just -


Huru: Red flowers . From your office room when you were filming.

Oh yes! I had been filming some content for @myfirsttimestories and @inuadada, which entailed red rose petals. Who was I to argue!

Me: Yes, red flowers. I’ll just change and come play, ok?

Huru and Mali: Ok!

They’re 2 and 5, I didn’t have the bandwidth or bravado to explain periods, let alone period stains, at that moment. Still don’t, but soon will.


But fam, I was so embarrassed! Why do we freak out? In my case I thought, ‘Sis, you talk about this all the time. You have the tools and knowledge to do better. What’s up?’ But, I’m human!

What’s your period stain story? #menstruationmatters #periodtalk #endperiodshame 🩸” reads Jante Mbugua’s story.


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