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WATCH: Jeff Koinange mesmerizes fans in stellar performance with Moipei triplets

If you thought Jeff Koinange's voice was only meant for news anchoring, his singing vocals in this collabo with Moipei sisters will surprise you!

From left: Moipei triplets and Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange

Renowned senior Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange surprised and delighted his fans with his impressive vocal abilities during a performance on the Sunday Live Show on July 23.

Teaming up with the talented Moipei sisters, known for their unique genetic harmony and musical prowess, Jeff showcased his love for country music in a stunning rendition of "My Land is Kenya."

During the live performance, Jeff Koinange, best known for his authoritative presence while delivering the news, decided to take a chance and share his passion for music with the audience.


Standing up abruptly from his news anchoring seat, Jeff expressed his excitement and nervousness about trying his luck as a singer.

Admitting that it was a challenging task, he bravely got closer to the triplets, promising to give it his best shot.

"Here we go folks. You can make all the fans you want at me but i will try. It's a tough call, a tough task, but i will try," Jeff said.


Known for his fondness for country music, Jeff Koinange's enthusiasm for the genre has been evident on his social media where he often shares his admiration for country classics.

In 2022, he thrilled cowboys and cowgirls at the 'Smokin Country' music fanfare in Baringo County, where he joined Sir Elvis and the Caravan band for an unforgettable performance.

Jeff's voice has been described as smooth and captivating, resonating with grace and poise that complement the melodious charm of country music.


The Moipei sisters, comprising Mary, Maggy, and Marta, are a musical trio celebrated for their exceptional talent and unique genetic harmony.

Alongside their younger sister Seraphine, they have made a significant mark on the entertainment industry, both nationally and internationally.


Their journey began when they were selected as UNICEF child ambassadors at the tender ages of 12 and 10, making them the first in Kenya to receive this prestigious honor.

They have enchanted audiences with their soulful performances and angelic voices. Their songs like "Amazing Grace," "Ave Maria," and "The Little Brown Church in the Vale" have garnered widespread acclaim from fans.

In recognition of their remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry, they were honored with the 2022 Julie Wilson Award.

The sisters moved to New York in 2022 to join the renowned Broadway Theatre District. With their first album, "In the Land of the Lion," featuring twelve beautiful tracks, the Moipei Sisters continue to captivate hearts with their melodious charm.


They are currently preparing for special performances in Indiana Yuletide celebrations from November to December, New York and Ohio.


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