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Jemutai explains why she rekindled her Love for Prof Hamo [Video]

Jemutai and Hamo talk forgiveness and building

Prof. Hamo and Jemutai

Comedian Jemutai has explained why she rekindled her lost love with Baby Daddy Prof. Hamo, despite their public fall out a few weeks ago.

According to Jemutai, no Human Being is perfect and basing on the fact that they have two kids together it was easier to forgive each other and give the relationship a second chance.

The mother of two also pointed out that they rekindled their lost love after ironing out their difference amicably.

Kwani nini ulirudia Hamo?


She replied; “At the end of the day there is no perfect Human being hapa nje. Three is no perfect person na already tuko na watoto wawili. Na juu aliniomba msamaha na there is no right person to raise your babies kama their biological. So if he wants to raise the kids allow him. Alafu sisi wote tulikuwa na makossa, yeye alikuwa na makosa yake na mimi pia nilikuwa na yangu. So it was a matter of another chance, another chapter”.

During the conversation, Jemutai made it clear that they are not legally married but currently they are taking things step by step.

“Legally no, we are not married legally because we have not done all those processes, and we can’t get married na ile ya white wedding. So we are living on fuliza” said Jemutai.

Hamo added “We are work in progress, and we keep living together and doing great this together".


Did you forgive Hamo? Asked another fan.

“Yes I did, after we had candid talk, I realized tulikuwa na mistakes sisi wote wawili, juu ilifika mahali communication yetu ikakuwa mbaya and it led to to vitu zote zilitokea. Juu sisi wote tulikuwa na mistake. Yes, I forgave him, juu hata yeye alini-forgive” answered Jemutai.

Comedian Professor Hamo also opted to clarify that he did not lose his job at Hot 96 because of the drama ignited by Jemutai.


“I did not lose my job because of her, because I had already left my work station a month before everything happened…it was beautiful place to work and I left honorably”.

Speaking about their new achievement of buying his baby Mama a piece of land, Hamo said; “I bought the plot because I wanted Us to settle. Ile struggle tumepitia, and when I have the opportunity, why can’t I do the right thing”.

“We are doing ground breaking on Tuesday” added Jemutai.

Why do you hide you first wife?

“I don’t hide her, she is not a social media person and in this era and age you can’t hide anything. But We tell her what is happening ndio hata akikutana nayo she already knows. But yeye hapendi social media”. Said Hamo.


Jemutai went on to acknowledge that not everyone will love or like their relationship, but that doesn’t change who they are.



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