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Jua Cali clarifies intentions in viral 'Unacheza na mafala' tweet to Olunga

Jua Cali has maintained his stand that the Qatar league is not competitive for a play like Michael Olunga

Jua Cali

Genge singer Jua Cali has clarified remarks he made about Harambee Stars captain Michael Olunga.

In September 2022, Olunga shared a video of himself scoring a goal in a Qatar league match, to which Jua Cali reacted by saying, "Buda unacheza na mafala," which losely translates to "Man, you are playing with fools."

These remarks sparked an online beef between Jua Cali and fans of Olunga, as well as Olunga himself.

Olunga initially responded by sharing a video mocking Jua Cali for the kind of music he has made over the years.


Jua Cali has now clarified that he had no ill intentions when he shared the tweet, and he explained the meaning behind it.

In an interview on Iko Nini podcast, Jua Cali mentioned that during the World Cup, his remarks were supported by many fans who believed that the Arab teams performed poorly on the field.


He expressed his wish for Olunga to play alongside his peers in Europe, recognizing Olunga as a highly skilled player.

Jua Cali also shared that, just like fans wanting him to win a Grammy, he understands the desire for Olunga to excel on a global stage.

"Olunga ni player mdeadly sana, na mm ni mtu hufuatilia ball, kila mtu anataka uyu jamaa acheze na his peers Europe. Ni kama tu the same way mimi mafans wanaeza taka niende nishinde Grammys.


"[Olunga is a very deadly player, and I'm someone who follows football. Everyone wants this guy to play with his peers in Europe. It's like how my fans would want me to go and win Grammys,]" Jua Cali said.

Despite the viral tweet, Jua Cali has not had the opportunity to meet Olunga in person. However, he expressed openness to a meeting and clarified that there are no issues between them.


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