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Jua Cali flexes on lady who belittled him during interview

Jua Cali expressed his surprise at the nature of the questions during an interview

Rapper Jua Cali

Rapper Jua Cali recently took to Twitter to recall a surprising incident from 2004, where he was asked irrelevant questions during an interview.

In his tweet, Jua Cali mentioned that the interview was conducted in person. He described how he traveled to the location by taking a matatu to town and then walking to Valley Road, where the interview was scheduled to take place.

"I got there safely and I was given tea after which there was an introduction and the interview began shortly," Jua Cali wrote.


Continuing his narrative, Jua Cali mentioned that the interview was conducted by two ladies.

However, he was taken aback when they asked him about the type of car he drove. He found this question irrelevant to the discussion at hand but had no option but to truthfully admit that he had arrived at the interview location by matatu and did not own a car.

Furthermore, he shared that he was asked other questions related to music during the interview.

Once the interview concluded, he was informed by the interviewers that he should not contact them and that they would reach out to him if he had been successful.


Upon returning home that day, Jua Cali discovered that everyone was eagerly anticipating good news from the interview.

However, it became evident that he hadn't been successful. Despite the disappointment, his mother consoled him and reassured him that his time would come.

"After a few months ma billboard zilianza kutoka na hao wasanii wengine hapa ndio tukajua hatuna chetu.


"The most important thing we believed so much in ourselves we never gave up tukaendelea na grind kurelease songs," Jua Cali added.

Jua Cali shared that he eventually landed an ambassadorial deal after two years. He expressed his belief that people should never give up on chasing their dreams.

In a sarcastic tone, he mentioned his hope that the ladies who had asked him irrelevant questions during the interview were witnessing the positive turn of events in his life.


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