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Kamene Goro's bold move that made relationship with DJ Bonez serious

Kamene Goro said its after the move that her relationship took the turn that would eventually lead to their marriage

Kamene Goro with DJ Bonez

Media personality Kamene Goro has revealed the story of how she played a pivotal role in taking her relationship with her husband DJ Bonez to a serious level.

Speaking in an episode on Kamene and Obinna's YouTube channel, Kamene shared the fascinating tale of their blossoming romance that began during a holiday in Mombasa.

Recalling the initial encounter, Kamene disclosed that DJ Bonez made a unique move to get closer to her.

He cleverly used a power bank borrowed by one of Kamene's friends, sparking a conversation that would change the course of their relationship.


Cautious of his approach, Kamene amusingly shut down Bonez's attempt, stating she did not have the charger.

"A pal of mine had borrowed a power bank, he (Bonez) called and I quickly told him I didn't have a power bank, he then asked me who told me I was asking for a power bank," Kamene recounted.

Despite the initial playful banter, the pair's connection only grew stronger with time.


They found themselves collaborating on club gigs in both Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa, igniting a shared passion for music and entertainment.

After two months of getting to know each other, Kamene decided it was time to address the elephant in the room - the status of their relationship.

Her brave inquiry left DJ Bonez in awe, unsure of how to respond.

"I asked Bonez what are we, he told we leave for God to decide," Kamene revealed, underscoring the uncertainty they both felt at that moment.

It was this pivotal conversation that marked a turning point in their relationship. The pair took a leap of faith, leaving the outcome in the hands of fate.


Kamene's decision to push for clarity set the wheels in motion, leading to a deepening commitment and an eventual marriage just a few months later.


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