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Video of Mulamwah's baby mama Sonie confronting him for visits to her Kinoo house resurfaces

Kenyans resurface video of Mulamwah's baby mama Carol Sonie confronting him for frequent visits to her house in Kinoo.

Comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah and Sonie

An old video of comedian Kendrick Mulamwah and his ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie has resurfaced, shedding light on their past relationship dynamics and sparking reactions across social media platforms.

Shared on TikTok by @billwonderke, the video showcases Mulamwah and Sonnie engaged in banter, reminiscing about their time together.

In the video, they playfully tease each other about past behaviours, with Sonnie mentioning Mulamwah's frequent calls.


In the viral video clip, Mulamwah and Sonnie engaged in playful banter, exchanging humorous jabs about their past interactions.

Sonnie jokingly accused Mulamwah of constantly calling her, prompting Mulamwah to deny the claim and humorously suggest verifying with Safaricom, a popular mobile network provider in Kenya.

Counteracting Sonnie's claim, Mulamwah revealed instances when Sonnie would call him late at night, expressing her inability to sleep without him.


This revelation prompted laughter from Sonnie, who rebutted his statement, asserting that Mulamwah was the one frequently visiting her home.

Throughout the video, Mulamwah and Sonnie playfully contested about who held the upper hand or was the 'prize' in their relationship.

Their lighthearted banter and exchange of playful jabs shed light on the dynamics of their past romantic involvement.


This resurfaced video emerges amidst Mulamwah's recent social media confirmation of being Sonnie's baby daddy, accompanied by subtle responses to Sonnie's public statements about him.

Sonnie did the 'Am a baby mama' TikTok challenge after Mulamwah did the challenge and labeled her as toxic. Sonnie humorously stated during the challenge that she told her daughter his father was already dead.


This created a whole social buzz as Mulwamwah seemed to have taken it personally. he even went ahead to show the court letters that directed Sonie to allow him custody of the baby. According to him, he had tried his best.

The video's circulation prompted diverse reactions from viewers, with many speculating about Mulamwah and Sonnie's lingering affection for each other.


Some of the social media users expressed sentiments suggesting a possibility of reconciliation between the former couple, citing the apparent chemistry and affection displayed in the video.

Here are some of the comments from their fans online.

jennamamake Bora sisi tunajua ule ni rebound hapa ndio mapenzi ilikua!!these ppl should get back together

wanjiruthebosschic OMG. Enyewe women have strength. being with a man who thinks he is the prize is a lot of trouble

TAYLOR 🎁CHEPKOR♦️ they should just get back together...both wives should agree on this


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