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Kevin Mboya reveals details of Kwale trip that left him heartbroken

Mboya travelled from Nairobi to Kwale to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday only to be disappointed

A collage of Kevin Mboya and a bouquet of flowers

Kevin Mboya the man who took a trip to Kwale to surprise his girlfriend has finally spoken about what happened during the trip that saw him return a sad man.

Mboya in an extensive video on his social media pages revealed that he was experiencing challenges with his girlfriend and wanted to use her birthday to mend things.

He narrated that he reported at his girlfriend’s working place and was directed to wait for her at the reception.

Two hours later, she had not shown up which forced him to send her a text message informing her he was around.


“I waited and when it was around a quarter to 4 p.m, I felt the need to text her …saying I’m around just waiting for you so that we can go home together (at her place).

"At around 4:30 p.m, I decided to call her because she had not responded to my message…at first when I called her phone and it was not picked up then after 10 minutes I called again and the number was busy. I was just wondering I have been here since 4 p.m. and you are not showing up or picking up my calls," Mboya narrated.

The offices eventually closed without his girlfriend whose name he did not mention showing up or responding to his calls and messages.


With things falling apart, Mboya cast the blame on himself for travelling the long distance uninvited and without notifying his girlfriend.

Mboya travelled back to Nairobi and in the video, he said he is yet to hear from his girlfriend. He however expressed gratitude to all Kenyans who showed concern after sharing his story.

“Thank you to everyone who has come out to encourage me to speak out about what really happened in Kwale. In an African setup, it's not easy for men to come out and speak about these things because of the male ego and also because you will be judged and called names to shame you,” he noted.

Mboya had raised concern on Twitter after revealing he was going to surprise his girlfriend and later going silent.


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