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Larry Madowo sparks mixed reactions after feasting on boiled snails & roasted mice

Larry Madowo's culinary adventures elicit diverse reactions with boiled snails and roasted mice

Larry Madowo

Renowned journalist Larry Madowo recently sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows with his latest culinary adventure, indulging in boiled snails on the streets of Morocco.

In a video posted on social media, the CNN Africa correspondent showcased his fearless approach to trying diverse and sometimes unconventional foods.

The video shared on December 19 captured Larry Madowo skillfully using a toothpick to extract the meat from the boiled snail shells, unabashedly savoring the unique delicacy.


He captioned the post, "I ate snails in Morocco. They were tastier than I expected!" Madowo seemed to enjoy the experience, challenging societal norms around what is considered acceptable in the realm of culinary exploration.

Responding to netizens' concerns about consuming taboo foods, Madowo expressed his open-mindedness, stating, "There’s nothing I won’t eat. Would you try some boiled snails? Snails are a delicacy in many parts of Africa. Don’t sleep on them."


His adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace diverse cuisines shed light on the rich tapestry of culinary traditions across the continent.

This isn't the first time Larry Madowo has caused a stir with his culinary choices. In 2019, he shared a video of himself indulging in roasted mice purchased from a roadside vendor in Malawi.


In the video, he confidently asserted that mice taste just like chicken, demystifying cultural taboos associated with such unconventional protein sources.

"I ate a mouse for the first time, and it was, well, amazing! Mice (not rats!) are a delicacy among the Chewa of central Malawi. I will eat anything, and I had to try these. They’re eaten whole with the skin and everything. Tastes just like chicken," Madowo wrote.

Larry Madowo's culinary adventures, documented on social media, have garnered mixed reactions from the public.


While some applaud his open-mindedness and willingness to explore different cuisines, others find his choices unconventional and raise questions about cultural sensitivity.

Regardless, Madowo continues to be a trailblazer in the world of journalism and a fearless explorer of culinary delights.


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