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List of Instagram comedians who have cracked our ribs in 2020

Meet the Ladies and Gents who have been cracking your ribs!

Comedians Crazy Kennar, Cartoon Comedian and Flaqo Raz

Despite the uncertainty that befell the world in 2020, following the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, good things continue to come out, and one among them is the rise of talented young people in different fields.

One of the industries that have borne fruit despite the pandemic is the comedy business, which has seen the rise of young and upcoming comedians, who have utilized social media, to stay relevant.

Pulse Live takes you through a list of some of the up-and-coming comedians that have kept us entertained through the pandemic.



Flaqo started doing comedy as something he had passion for and slowly his content started going viral. The multi-talented comedian has become a darling to many with how he manages to play multiple roles as Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Otis and his sister at the same time.

Flaqo who describes himself as not funny but childish and immature, is also a dancer, a comedian and a singer

Crazy Kennar


Another comedian who cannot go unnoticed is Crazy Kennar who is one of the funniest vine creators we have in the country. Kennar who runs Tales of the Crazy Kennar, is a student at JKUAT who creates vines and parody videos, imitating Kenyans from all walks of life.

Cartoon Comedian

She is the latest entrant into the comedy business and she became famous for the phrase, “Inanichoke, inaniaffect, inanisuffocate” and since then her star continues to shine. This has attracted serious attention from the media, and her future looks bright.

Chebet Ronoh


Chebet Ronoh is one of the youngest female comedians making big moves in the comedy industry. She is bold, funny, crazy and as real as it can get. Despite taking a short break from comedy and her radio job, she’s slowly making a comeback.


David Oyando, aka Kendric Mulamwah is a funny man who amuses people with his jokes and how well he imitates the Luhya accent. The comedian who calls himself ‘The Kitale King’ is undeniably making big moves in the comedy industry, which has seen him bag ambassadorial deal and influencing jobs.


Brenda Jons

The actress first became popular for her 'Plesdent Kingstone' vines, which she later won awards with. After having some disagreements with her then management, she quit, and now does what she does best as Auntie wa Harrier.

Seth Gor and George Kimani


These two are one of the most talented viners in Kenya who work under the Vines of Africa Brand. They like to make fun of urban ladies who like sponsors, and the things women put men through.

The very talented group also depicts the daily lives of young ordinary Kenyans and how they lead their lives.


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