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Lupita Nyong'o's reading list: 10 books to help you heal from heartbreak

Lupita Nyong'o's journey through heartbreak: 10 books to help you heal too

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o posed against the silver backdrop in a sequinned silver blazer dress.

Renowned actress Lupita Nyong'o recently shared a glimpse into her journey of overcoming heartbreak.

The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram on December 22 to reveal that she received a thoughtful gift of ten books, each carefully chosen to aid in her healing process.

The video features Lupita Nyong'o showcasing the array of books that have become her companions during this challenging time.


She expressed gratitude for the gift and reached out to her followers for additional recommendations. The caption read, "These books are doing wonders for me. Do you have any to add to the list?

The curated selection includes titles such as 'When Things Fall Apart' by Pema Chodron, 'A Return to Love' by Marianne Williamson, 'Untamed' by Glennon Doyle, 'All About Love: New Visions' by Bell Hooks, and 'You Could Make This Place Beautiful' by Maggie Smith, 'Thirst' by Mary Oliver, 'Survival Takes A Wild Imagination' By Fariha Roisin, 'Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual' by Tosha Silver, 'The Wisdom of a broken' heart by Susan Piver among others.


This year, Lupita Nyong'o publicly shared her experience of heartbreak following her separation from Selema Masekela.

In a social media post, she distanced herself from her former partner, acknowledging the pain and deception that led to the end of their relationship.


"At this moment, it is necessary for me to share a personal truth and publicly dissociate myself from someone I can no longer trust…I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception.

"I am tempted to run into the shadows and hide, only to return to the light when I have regained my strength enough for me to say, “Whatever, my life is better this way.” she wrote.

Lupita expressed solidarity with those facing challenges globally and highlighted the importance of facing pain rather than running from it.


She stated, "I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception."

Despite the intense emotions, Lupita chose to confront the pain, cultivate courage, and trust in the process of healing.


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