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‘Machachari’ actor Tosh in search of love after 8-year break

After the show, Tosh redirected his efforts towards music, & has released an EP with 6 tracks

'Machachari' actor Sammy King 'Tosh'

'Machachari' actor Sammy King, popularly known as Tosh has revealed his struggles of being single for the past eight years.

Through a lengthy Instagram post on July 26, the young actor expressed his longing for a girlfriend, especially because of the current cold weather in Nairobi.

According to the singer, the weather is pushing him back into the dating scene, against his initial reluctance.


Sammy King reflected on his past relationships and questioned whether he had ever truly loved his exes or if he had merely been wasting time.

After eight years of bachelorhood, he realized that he couldn't let the fear of commitment hold him back any longer.

"Yesternight I had an enlightenment, I've closed myself from love for the longest of time (8 yrs) this made me wonder if I ever truly loved my exes or I was just wasting time.


“I can't keep up with this cold no more so next year we flip pages and take chances y'all pray for your boy. I don't wanna kill nobody fahm," Tosh wrote.

Although he had once believed in only dating with the intention of marriage, circumstances have led him to reconsider this mindset.


The actor confessed that he had closed himself off from love, but now he is ready to dive headfirst into a new relationship.

“This time i'll go head on deep with everything I have in me, as soon as my shit is tight I'm getting a shawty,” he wrote.

He acknowledged that life is full of uncertainties, but he is willing to take the risk. Samuel expressed his desire to give his all to the right person and emphasized that he was prepared to face the challenges that love might bring.


"I really did think I didn't need to date till I get to a point where I want to marry, but now it's all different hopefully it stays that way when I get a good one," he wrote.

Sammy King's revelation comes at a time when most of his former 'Machachari' co-stars have transitioned into their early 20s and are exploring different aspects of life.

'Machachari,' a Kenyan TV show that aired on Citizen TV, was a comedy-drama series that revolved around the lives and adventures of children living in the fictional middle-class neighborhood of 'Maziwa Gated Community.'


Among the actors who have sustained their fame post-show are Tyler Mbaya 'Baha,' Malik Lemmy 'Govi' and Ian Nene as 'Almasi.'

Even as the actors explore new roles and opportunities in their adult lives, the nostalgia for their 'Machachari' characters remains strong among the show's dedicated audience.


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