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'Machachari' actor MaDVD shows off family as he bags 2nd Master's degree

MaDVD relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue further studies where he also lives with his family

Brian Kimaru's wife and his sons

Kenyan actor Brian Kimaru, known for his role as MaDVD on 'Machachari', is filled with elation as he reaches a significant milestone in his academic career.

Taking to his Instagram page, the father of two proudly announced that he has successfully graduated with his second master's degree, a remarkable achievement that fills him with immense pride.

Kimaru can now add a Bachelor's and Master's in Project Management to his list of academic accomplishments.

"I graduated today with my second master's degree!" Kimaru wrote.


After his departure from the popular Citizen TV show, the actor relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue further studies and establish a family.

For six years, Kimaru has been living abroad, embracing new opportunities while continuing to excel academically.

Alongside his educational pursuits, he enjoys the blessings of fatherhood, cherishing his two sons, whom he lovingly showcases on his social media pages.


During his time on 'Machachari', Kimaru shared the screen with fellow actors such as Malik 'Govi' Lemue, who has continued his acting career and appeared in crime drama movies like 'Pepeta.'

Another notable cast member, Ian 'Almasi' Munene, also ventured abroad and is currently committed to a spiritual life under the Hindu movement, Hare Krishna.


Tyler Mbaya, known for his role as Baha, may not be actively involved in acting anymore, but he remains active on social media, sharing glimpses of his life with his girlfriend Georgina Njenga.

While some Machachari cast members have transitioned into different paths, others remain present on social media platforms.

Joy Ohon, who portrayed 'Joy,' Matthew Owiti, Wanjkru Mburu who played 'Mama Baha' Fatso, and Natasha Ngegie, who brought Stella's character to life, may have shifted their focus, but they continue to engage with their online communities.

Repeats of the show continue to air on Citizen TV although the actors do not get any royalties from it.


In an interview with content creators in April Mburu revealed the terms of their contracts did not create room for them to make money if the show aired in the future.


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