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Madtraxx explains taking a break from music to manage family hotels

Madtraxx also revealed personal reasons that have kept him off the music scene since 2017

Rapper Madtraxx

Renowned rapper and producer George Mugai, widely known as Madtraxx, recently revealed the reasons behind his extended hiatus from the music scene.

In an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Madtraxx opened up about the significant events that led to his break from music, shedding light on his foray into the hotel business and personal struggles including his elder sister's demise.

Since 2017, Madtraxx has been noticeably absent from the music industry, but he disclosed that during this time, he actively managed a hotel business that his late father had initiated.

The responsibility of overseeing the family's hotel ventures became a primary focus for Madtraxx, diverting his energy from the music world. Among the notable establishments bearing his family's name are Cravers Hotel and Roasters Inn, both situated on Thika Road.


In addition to his newfound responsibilities in the hotel industry, Madtraxx revealed that the untimely death of his sister took a profound toll on him. The loss forced him to take a step back, focusing on healing and personal reflection. It was a period of immense grief that necessitated a break from his musical endeavours.

"It was sudden and very scary, she was two months away from giving birth and she was very healthy," he said.

"So many things were happening, my sister had passed away, I was turning 30, I had just had my second daughter. I have always known it will get to a point this music will not be a core so I guess it was that moment," Madtraxx explained.


Madtraxx's sister Njeri Muigai died on April 17, 2017, after an accidental fall in the bathroom.

Notably, Madtraxx highlighted his family's strong inclination towards passing down their business acumen. Even during his academic pursuits, he delved into hospitality-related studies, showcasing his commitment to maintaining and growing the family legacy.

This convergence of passion for music and entrepreneurship has shaped Madtraxx's journey, emphasizing the significance of both domains in his life.


Acknowledging the impact his older brother, DJ Stylez, had on his music career, Madtraxx expressed gratitude for the inspiration and mentorship he received. DJ Stylez served as a guiding figure, encouraging Madtraxx to pursue his musical dreams and offering valuable insights into the industry.


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