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Eli Mwenda speaks about recovery process 2 weeks after surgery

On July 2, Mwenda was assaulted by someone close to him, whom he chose not to mention while leaving an event

Eli Mwenda

After a two-week hiatus to seek medical attention for an assault incident, influencer Eli Mwenda has made a return to social media.

The influencer announced his break from the digital world to undergo facial surgery after suffering from an attack that left his face wounded.

Sharing the news on his Instagram page, Mwenda expressed relief and gratitude that the medical procedure was successful, leaving no permanent scars on his face.

He took the opportunity to reflect on his journey during the healing process, finding solace in solitude and using the time to engage in activities that brought him joy and inner peace.


"Man, it's great to be back! Here's a little glimpse of what I've been up to. I've had some well-overdue alone time to read, binge movies, journal, reflect, meditate, and ultimately breathe. It's been glorious.

"The surgery went perfectly, and my face is nearly back to normal with no permanent scars. We thank God," he wrote.

Gratitude poured from Mwenda as he acknowledged the overwhelming support he received from his fans during his time away.


The influx of beautiful messages, flowers, cards, chocolates, and gifts touched his heart deeply, reinforcing the power of community and the significance of connections built on social media.

Mwenda also expressed his deep appreciation for his clients, whom he had to put on hold during his absence.

Their understanding and unwavering support touched him profoundly, and he couldn't wait to resume working with them and embark on creative projects once more.

"Special shout out to my clients that have been accommodating and extremely supportive, I appreciate you & can’t wait to get creating again!" Eli said.


The assault occurred on July 2 and involved someone Mwenda knew, Mwenda however firmly believes that one poor decision should not define an individual.

In a display of remarkable empathy and personal growth, he wholeheartedly forgave his attacker.

"Although I forgive him wholeheartedly on a personal level, I have still followed all official channels to prevent this from happening to anyone else," Eli asserted.

Eli has received warm reception from his fans who have expressed delight in seeing him back again.


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