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Mark Masai shares 2 valuable learnings 6 months after leaving NTV

Mark Masai is now the Director of Public Relations at Professional Marketing Services (PMS GROUP)

Mark Masai

Former NTV News anchor Mark Masai has opened up about the valuable lessons he learned after leaving the newsroom following a 14-year career.

Now serving as the Director of Public Relations at Professional Marketing Services (PMS GROUP), Masai shared his insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of embracing change and discovering one's personal brand.

Masai acknowledged the initial shock but highlighted the inevitability of life's unpredictability noting that life was not fair to anyone.

"There's nothing really fair in life, so if you look out and expect life to be fair to you, who do you think you are?" he said.


Moreover, Masai emphasized that no one's life should be solely defined by their employer. His departure from TV journalism provided him with a unique opportunity to unveil the magnitude of his individual brand.

"It was a shocker what happened because I was not going to be in the newsroom forever, but it wasn't according to my timing but I am actually in touch with my brand and myself and going out there and there is good feedback from the market and I have appreciated that my value is so much bigger than I thought," Masai explained.

This shift in perspective allowed Masai to explore new avenues and expand his professional horizons. He delved into various fields, including podcasting and acting.


Notably, Masai's debut film, 'Faithless,' is set to premiere on July 7 on Showmax. This diversification of his skill set showcases Masai's versatility and demonstrates his willingness to embrace change and seek new challenges.

Reflecting on his journey, Masai expressed gratitude for the positive feedback he has received from the market, affirming that his value is far greater than he had initially anticipated.

Mark Masai's journey in the media industry began during his college days at Tangaza in Karen, where he was an intern at Hope FM.

Upon completing his education, he joined Radio Africa Group and later worked at other radio stations like Classic FM and provided voiceovers for commercials.


His talent and hard work caught the attention of Nation Media Group, which offered him a position as a reporter and news anchor at just 22 years old.


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