Citizen TV Swahili News Anchor Mashirima Kapombe is a happy woman going by a series of videos shared on Instagram, capturing her 5-year-old son Kenga mimicking prolific news anchor Jeff Koinange.

A video put up by Mashirima captures an excited Kenga, confessing that he likes how Koinange says “Tonight” every time he is introducing his bulletin.

“I wanted to say I like you saying the part of Tonight,” Kenga told Koinange. Following the revelation, the JKL host challenged Kenga to say the “Tonight” part with him, a challenge he perfectly executed, leaving Koinange impressed.

Jeff Koinange, Mashirima Kapombe's son Kenga
Jeff Koinange, Mashirima Kapombe's son Kenga

Talking about the priceless moments captured by the video, Kapombe mentioned that she usually doesn’t post her son on social media, but Koinange had kicked off Kenga’s Birthday month on a high.

“🌞Happy new month!🌞 I rarely do this but @koinangejeff kicked off Kenga's birthday month on a high! Thank you Jeff!” reads Mashirima Kapombe’s caption.

Another video, shows a young Kenga, telling her mother to cue him in before they can say the “Tonight” part with Koinange in harmony.

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Mashirima Kapombe.
Mashirima Kapombe.


A happy Koinange also shared Kenga’s video, saluting the young Champ for showing up at Royal Media Services at 6am to catch up with his favorite anchor.

“Five-Year-old Kenga is the reason we show-up at work day in and day out! He showed up at 6am on a Sunday to catch his Favorite Anchor...Thank you @mashirima_kapombe for raising such a wonderful boy! Somebody say OH MY! Spread THE WORD!! #SundayLive @citizentvkenya @tiapreet @xtiandela @gichdxpwrote Jeff Koinange.

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Reactions from Kenyans

sellyamutabi “Happiest happy birthday baby Kenga. This is sooo adorable!”

itscynthiamwangi “Aaawwww this is too sweet”

fionacherotich ‘Aaaaah😍😍!Kenga is too adorable..his boldness, the captivating smile,uchangamfu....dada you're blessed!happy birthday month Kenga!!”

officialcantai “he is such avibe🔥🔥🔥..little champ”

maykathiliAwwwh he has ur smile😍”

mercysmiley “Awwwww sooo swwwwwweeeet! May Kenga have an amazing birthday month! He's sooo precious! 😍❤️”

li_asami “Much love from me to him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ penda wewe boss baby 👏👏👏”

corak_zon “😍😍😍Awww boy b cute n all sweet,, anakufanana sana”

official_awicko “Simply amazing. Mwafanana kwa hakika”

pmurutu “Mimi hiyo hi five bado narudia nikicheki the young champ's reaction...🤣”

mayregertier “Say action! 😍😍😍He is so full of life. May He grow to make you more proud. His future is great”

mwanigav “Whaaat!Hio yote Ni confidence ako nayo”

binsellahWaooooh... keep mentoring him...I like his confidence”