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Stevo Simple Boy's management terminates his contract

Stevo was signed by MIB in 2022

Stevo Simple Boy

Singer Stivo Simple has been in the limelight for the past week after his wife revealed that he is facing financial struggles.

Men In Business, who previously collaborated with the artist, have now terminated Stevo's contract in an unexpected turn of events. They did not provide an explanation for their decision.

According to the press release from MIB, they addressed Stephen Otieno Adera, which is Stivo's real name, and informed him that they have decided not to continue with their musical contract.


"This letter serves as a notice to you our intent to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols," read the letter.

The letter further stated that they required Stevo's cooperation during this stage to ensure a seamless transition.

MIB, in their letter addressed to Simple Boy, stated that the termination of the contract would take effect on July 31.


The letter further mentioned that Stevo had a 35-day period to respond to the termination, ensuring a smooth transition and the fulfillment of both parties' interests.

MIB concluded by stating that all projects would be put on hold during this time as they lawfully followed the procedures for contract termination.

They expressed gratitude to Simple Boy for his cooperation throughout the active contract and requested him to contact them for any further matters.

Stevo in May 2022 revealed that thing were a bit better after he ditched his old managemnt for MIB.


"Life has at least changed a bit for the better and we are working hard to make things even better. Slow by slow my life will transform compared to the past," Stevo said.

Stevo, at the time, even announced that he was launching his own drink and received congratulations for venturing into business.

However, Stevo's ambitions seem to be far from being accomplished, especially after the termination of his contract and rumors of him being broke.


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