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Michelle Ntalami shares what Kenyans should expect from her next relationship

Ntalami has recently been rumoured to be dating singer Fena Gitu, claims she has denied

Michelle Ntalami

Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has said she is going to be open about her relationship going forward.

Ntalami in a lengthy post on her Instagram said she has made mistakes in her previous relationship which left her in akward circumstances with the media something she was not going to repeat.

“Let me begin with accountability on my part. I’ve learnt from past mistakes with regard to this. I was once in a relationship where due to it’s nature and a lot of mistrust within it, I didn’t feel confident to publicly confirm it.

"I also felt pressured to have to say what we were to the media. We mutually agreed that if they ask, we’ll ‘deny.’ Something we both did in interviews, not just myself,” Ntalami said.


Ntalami pointed out that she would only reveal what she felt was enough noting that she has been misquoted by media houses in regards to her dating life.

“Moving forward, “private but not a secret” is my policy. If I’m comfortable to speak on my dating life, I’ll answer with the truth; yes, no, or the much I can share. (e.g good friends for now, etc) If not comfortable, I’ll reserve my right to answer. Anything in between or beyond that is no one’s business.

“To see some blogs misquote me and use the word ’deny’ for clicks & controversy is wrong. Where is the denial? Why ask questions if you already know the answers? Let’s report stories TRUTHFULLY,” Ntalami said.


Finally, Ntalami cautioned people against making assumptions about her dating life based on who she was seen with online.

She said she did not owe explanations to how she chose to live her life adding that she could be in a relationship privately.

“I request people to stop assuming we’re dating or there’s more to it, each time I’m seen with them or if we share moments online.


"I may love privately, but I love loudly. It’s who I am. However, I don’t owe anyone any explanation on my personal life. What I do owe myself though, is a life of truth. As anyone can attest, I Iive my life authentically & unapologetically,” Ntalami concluded.

The statement by Ntalami comes after speculations online that she was dating singer Fena Gitu.


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