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Fena Gitu pours her heart out in response to rumours of dating Michelle Ntalami

Fena Gitu also stated that she shares a deep and complicated history with Michelle

Michelle Ntalami and Fena Gitu

Singer Fena Gitu has broken her silence to address rumours doing rounds that she is dating Michelle Ntalami.

Opening up on their relationship, the singer explained that she shares a deep and complicated history with the Marini Naturals CEO who she cares for hence she will break away from her norm and address the attention that their recent trip has attracted and matters that she prefers to remain private.

"Usually I don't do this, but for people I care for, I will...After an honestly magical trip to Madagascar reconnecting with one beautiful @michelle.ntalami .... someone I share a deep and yes, complicated history with, the past week back in Nairobi has been one thing after another on the blogs…While I understand this life comes with the public scrutiny, there has to be limits to what and how "journalists" and journalists, report things." Fena wrote on Instagram.

"It's no secret that I hate the sometimes negative attention that goes with it. I like my shit private, and it will stay that way. But let me clarify this; Mich and I are, as she said in a recent interview, really good long-term friends. As it stands, we are not dating. She did not deny this. Neither did she deny me." She added.


The singer took issues with those misrepresenting facts and twisting Ntalami’s words to suit their purpose, noting doing so is not beneficial to anyone.

"She has been truthful and vocal about her feelings on dating in Kanairo... and I feel the same! Twisting her words or cornering her for silly clickbait headlines or to push a narrative of denial is false. And honestly, an impediment to both of us and our progress. Or is it too complex a concept to understand?" She concluded.

Michelle comes clean on relationship with Fena

The Marini Naturals Founder and CEO sparked dating rumours after posting a series of photos of her and the award-winning rapper having fun together at a beach.


She set the record straight in an interview with Ankali Ray of Milele FM on January 11, 2023.

"All I can say is Fena is a very good friend of mine. I think everybody knows that and we have been friends for years," stated Ntalami during the Wednesday interview.

The celebrity pair recently returned from a holiday where the photos that did rounds on social media were taken.


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