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Milly WaJesus reacts to backlash over brother's wedding fundraiser

Milly says she has already collected Sh77K from well-wishers

From left: Leon, Diana and Milly WaJesus [Instagram]

Content creator Milly WaJesus has been forced to clarify why she was helping a soon-to-be couple to contribute money after some people thought she could handle it by herself.

The content creator said that she was shocked that her move to rally people went viral. She explained that her own wedding and Kabi WaJesus's wedding were also funded by friends and family.

Milly continued by saying that there are wealthy people who don't need to raise funds for their weddings, but as for her, she was just trying to help the young couple do things the right way.


She revealed that she had already collected Sh77K after posting an alert for people to chip in.

"I am so shocked that this is news! Aki mimi wedding yetu ilikua fully funded by friends, family and well-wishers. I understand kuna hawahitaji committees or anyone to chip in when they are planning a wedding but as for me I am pro-coming together as a community to help young people do things the right way.

"Be a blessing if God has blessed you. The total is 77,250 from friends of the WaJesus including fans as of now. Thank you for the support fam," Milly wrote.

Milly WaJesus' younger brother, Leon, paid his dowry over the weekend, and as a proud sister, Milly shared photos and videos, congratulating him on his new journey.


Milly then went ahead and shared a phone number, asking well-wishers to contribute towards Leon's wedding, which is set to happen soon.

"Here is the number where you can send your contributions towards Leon and Diana's white wedding that is coming up soon. Make sure you follow up with a message saying it's for Leon's wedding from the WaJesus family. Let's be a blessing to this young couple and God will bless us while at it," Wrote Milly.

Some of the Kenyans wondered why she asked for their contribution with some openly questioning Milly's audacity.


_bree_tam The level of audacity in this country it's alarming.

____sharvieh_ Sell the new car and fund the wedding. Otherwise mko poa?

carsonfrenzy Kuna vitu mbili siwezi changia mtu, first ni politicians na Ingine ni kubuyia mtu bibi. Kama hauna pesa wachana na harusi bana.

baby__ras If they can't afford it si waachane nayo. Kwani ni a must?

_.moon_kidrock Si ni juzi wamenunuliana gari ama?


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