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Minne Kariuki's hubby speaks on things he dislikes about wife's TV persona 'Mariah'

Minne Kariuki was on the brink of giving up on acting before she got cast on 'Single Kiasi' and 'The Real Housewives of Nairobi'

Minne Kariuki and her husband Charles

In the world of television dramas, actors often find themselves entangled in characters vastly different from their real-life personas.

Such is the case for Minne Kariuki, the talented actress known for her portrayal of the vivacious Mariah in the hit Kenyan series 'Single Kiasi.'

However, while fans may adore Mariah's boldness and charm, it seems Minne's husband, Lugz, holds a different opinion.

Contrary to fans' adoration, Lugz harbours a distaste for the character, citing Mariah's tumultuous relationships as a point of contention.


"My husband hates Mariah. He thinks Mariah is not Minne. Mariah is all about men, different men at that," Minne disclosed.

Despite Lugz's reservations, Minne acknowledges his unwavering support for her craft. While watching the show together, he respects the boundaries between fiction and reality, standing by her side through thick and thin.

"He understands that some of the things my character does on the screen are just acting and he respects my craft. He has supported me from day one," Minne shared.


Despite occasional comparisons between her on-screen persona and herself, Minne emphasises the distinctions between Mariah and Minne Kariuki. While both may exude confidence, their priorities and lifestyles stand in stark contrast.

"Oh my God, Mariah and Minne Kariuki on 'The Real Housewives' are two different people," Minne clarifies. As Minne, I’m focused on my family and business, but Mariah isn’t," she revealed.

Minne's journey has been marked by highs and lows, with the recent joy of pregnancy overshadowed by the tragedy of a miscarriage last year.


Despite her elation at the prospect of expanding her family, she admits to feeling a mix of emotions, given the challenges she's faced.

"I was elated but very nervous, I lost my child last year, so it was mixed feelings. This far I've gotten, I'm just practising gratitude every day," she revealed.

Behind the scenes, Minne shares a strong bond with her co-stars Gathoni Mutua and Faith Kibathi, a camaraderie that transcends the screen and adds a layer of authenticity to their performances.


Their bond, she asserts, enhances the authenticity of their on-screen chemistry, enriching the viewing experience for audiences.


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