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Miracle Baby's girlfriend, Carol Katrue, shares truth about why he quit TV

Miracle Baby announced leaving Inooro TV after five years

Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue

Carol Katrue has stated a number of reasons why her boyfriend quit Inooro TV

On Friday, February 24, Peter Miracle Baby, a musician-cum-TV presenter, announced his departure from his show, 'Werekererie' , on Royal Media's Inooro TV.

The Reggae segment had been his home for over five years before he decided to quit.

The news of his departure shocked his fans, but his wife Carol praised him for his achievement in media and assured his fans that the relationship with his employer was still good.


During an interview with Mungai Eve, Carol explained that Miracle Baby left his job to pursue personal interests.

"Ametoka peacefully si ati ni issue ilikuwa. Haikuwa ni beef imekuwa ama ametoka ile ya madharau,

(He left peacefully. There is no bad blood between him and the station)", she explained.


According to Carol, he had been with the media house for five years, and it was time for him to move on. Even though he had not yet completed his contract with the media house.

Carol further explained that her husband wanted to give other youths a chance to work and share their talents.

"Reason ya kwanza amekaa huko sana. Pili aondokee apee mayouths wengine chance waandikwe pia wao kazi na amekuwa akipiga show safi", she continued.

Besides his music career, Miracle Baby plans to start a podcast and radio show and venture into acting.


The couple confirmed that their bundle of joy was born on February 17, at 7:00 pm through a short clip that Katrue shared on her Instagram page.

Carol says she is excited about their new bundle of joy and wants to keep him out of the limelight to protect his privacy. She says she would only consider showing his face if someone wants him to be a brand ambassador.


"Akikuwa mkubwa, (when he grows up)but if someone wants him to be a brand ambassador, I will show him, but for now, let him stay away. I want privacy". Carol said.

On motherhood, carol said it was not as hard as expected. Although her pregnancy was challenging, she did not find motherhood difficult.

"Wueh mara ya kwanza ilikuwa ngumu, when I was pregnant, puking and all, but sidhani ni ngumu (At first it was hard, when I was pregant, puking and all but I dont think its hard), she said.


She and Miracle Baby want more children but have not settled on the exact number. Carol hopes to have three children, while her husband wants five.


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