Nameless and Wahu share secrets to their successful marriage 15 years down the line (Video)

Wahu and Nameless spill the beans

Nameless and Wahu

On Tuesday, Pulse Live hosted legendary singer David Mathenge and his wife Wahu Kagwi and tasked then to share nuggets to their long last relationship after over 15 years in marriage.

Starting off, Nameless said that they are just like any other couple, only that they have learned how to handle and understand each other over the years by the virtue of being good friends.

“We have had ups and down just trying to understand relationships. For me there is one realization I had late in life that tunaingia kwa relationship with the wrong tools.

We have tried to discover over time that this is how we thought but actual this is how it is.

Another thing naweza sema sis ni mabeshte (we are friends) and we have been through a lot together coz we hooked up in our early 20s. we formed our life, music pamoja so I feel that has also helped a lot.

The we got our kids and we were like it’s a wrap, hapa tunaishi pamoja. I call it life partner na huyu ni life partner wangu na tutapita ma ups and downs, we celebrate things, na iko freshy,” said Nameless.

Wahu's Take

On the other hand, Wahu explained that most of the time people walk into relationships, with the aim of being completed by the other person, which is a mistake.

“One thing I've come to understand about love.... You shouldn't be with someone who completes you... . This is what all romance movies and novels say . I beg to differ. You should be complete on your own. Be with someone who loves you completely and who you completely love...this means accepting each other's imperfections, and always striving to focus on each other's strengths... it's definitely not easy, but at the end of it all, it's so worth it,” added Wahu.

Come September, the couple will be celebrating 16 years in marriage. In December 2020, the couple mark their 23rd anniversary since they started dating.

“The Wisdom required to live with someone who was differently made is high, and it helps you understand yourself, people and helps you have patience and other aspect of life. the better you become as a person, the better you become as a spouse, you understand your weakness, learn how to talk to someone and understand their perspective… so for hizo miaka kama 20 nimkuwa na huyu msupa nimekuwa wiser,” said Nameless.



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