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Natalie Githinji shares how her mum saves the day for her as she battles Endometriosis

Natalie said that the severity of the condition often discourages potential dating partners.

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Vibrant radio personality Natalie Githinji has opened up about how her struggles with Endometriosis have impacted her life.

In a candid interview on Oga Obinna's YouTube show, the radio personality did not mince her words as she expressed the challenges she faces, considering her condition.

In the interview, Natalie shared the physical and emotional toll that Endometriosis takes on her daily life. She described moments of intense pain, where she becomes immobilized, requiring assistance even for basic tasks like washing.

"Imagine you are bleeding, It gets to a time when I can't move, you have to wash me, and it's painful, and you are bleeding, and it's embarrassing, so the only person who does that is my mum," she revealed.


Acknowledging the support she receives from her employer, Natalie expressed gratitude for being granted time off to seek treatment.

Shedding light on the impact the condition has on her dating life, Natalie said that it often discourages potential partners.

"It affects a lot of things in your life, even your relationship, what man wants to date? Coz you are a burden. Who wants to date someone who has to be washed when she is sick?


"You have to carry that person, feed them, you can't even have e by the way. You can but you can't, it's painful," Natalie shared her heartache, highlighting the difficulty of maintaining intimate relationships.

Natalie further explained that the pain associated with Endometriosis becomes a significant barrier to intimacy, leading to misunderstandings and has even been dumped by her partner before as he could not understand what she was going through.

"Imagine when he wants, and all you are telling him is I am feeling pain! Then you wonder why you have been ghosted. Let me tell you it's not funny; you wonder why you were ghosted kumbe ni vidonda zako.

"I've been left coz of Endo; the guy was like sasa wewe kwani kila time uko na shida," she candidly shared her experiences.



Despite Natalie's attempts to explore various treatment options, she emphasised the financial strain that Endometriosis has placed on her.

She also spoke on the financial dent the condition has left her with but emphasised that she still soldiers on irregardless.


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