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Forgive her - Netizens rally behind Jerida Andayi's daughter after choosing dad over mum

Jerida's daughter Neema has become a sensation, thanks to her charisma and unfiltered honesty

Radio Citizen Presenter Jerida Andayi

Radio Citizen presenter Jerida Andayi is winning hearts and gaining popularity thanks to the delightful content she creates with her family.

A mother of four, Jerida, along with her daughters Neema and Norah, is captivating the online world with their spontaneous and charming videos.

Neema, in particular, has become a sensation, thanks to her charisma and unfiltered honesty. Recently, her candour got her into a little 'trouble' with her mom when she was asked about her favourite parent.

Neema didn't hesitate to express her preference, "My favourite parent is dad because mom gets angry at me a lot and talks to me badly," Neema confessed to her sister Norah after a church service.


Despite Norah's attempts to defend her mom, Neema stood by her choice. Jerida Andayi, though perhaps disappointed, didn't hide her reaction.

It was a moment of pure honesty that stirred laughter and understanding among netizens.

Jerida's colleague, Sarah Njoroge, humorously commented on the situation, suggesting that Neema's honest confession might lead to her absence from her mother's online presence.


"Because of her honesty, we might never see her again until she has her own phone since we don't know of her dad's account, so, let me just post her here. We will miss this girl Neema.

"Jeridah Andayi, on behalf of Neema, you are my favourite parent please," Sarah's Instagram post read accompanied by laughter emojis.

Furthermore, a chorus of netizens has joined the plea to bring Neema back to their timelines, emphasising how the family's candid and heartwarming content has brightened their days.


Below are some of the reactions:

wamuyu523 With whose permission Jeridah? Please give us her next destination coz we need to shift there real quick🀣

sarahmunyolo We will demonstrate with placards " bring our Neema!! Neema come baby come"

papantomo So @jeridah.andayi how would you like us to survive for 2 whole months without grace azin Neema?😒

sylviakiberenge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, @jeridah.andayi ,hebu usifanye tufanye maandamano, hii town haitakalika bila Neeema 🀣🀣🀣


stacy_phineas Sisi watu wa oily skins we want our gal nkiwa mdogo uso yangu ata nipipaka mafuta kidogo nlikuwa nashine tu πŸ˜‚

bociebocie I want to continue seeing her over applied petroleum jelly on her cute faceπŸ˜‚


Jerida Andayi and her daughters are part of a growing trend among celebrities who use social media to share their family moments.

Other famous personalities like Joyce Gituro and Boniface Mwangi have also embraced this approach, showcasing their daily family life affairs, making them relatable and beloved figures in the online community.

Comedian Oga Obinna also creates similar and even has a YouTube channel for his family content.

Actress Jackie Matubia has also embraced the type of content on her social media pages.


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