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Netizens react after 'Spider Man' was arrested outside primary school

'Spider Man' was holding an envelope and a book when he was arrested

Police officer approaching 'Spider Man'

A video of a man wearing Spider-Man's outfit being arrested in Nanyuki has circulated online, and many people have reacted to the incident.

The mysterious man, who was standing next to a fence with 'Nanyuki Primary School' written on it, appeared to be lost in his own world before being approached by a police officer.

The two of them seemed to engage in a brief interaction before the superhero was seen being taken away in a police vehicle, possibly headed to the police station.


However, what people don't know is the reason behind his arrest, as they believe he was simply minding his own business.

pendo6774 Eeeee,, why are they arresting him if I may ask?? There are former gang members roaming after confessing to murder hii hii Kenya wanafanya interviews,,, misplaced priorities nugu hii.

itsambroseskyde Freeee spider man bet Sonko snitched on him.

brigitleticia Kwani they've never seen a Spider-Man costume before? Something is wrong with policemen in Kenya.


mwonjiru_ The mistake was to arrest him. I've been looking for these kinds of costumes to walk around with, but the polis look like they'll kill my vibe.

draiz_beatz411 Zakayo aliwatuma wamtoanishe costume Tax. Ogopa hii Kenya.

njuguna.tonnie Lakini venye amesimama anakaa mwalimu ama karao wenzao, alikuwa undercover.

the_fabulousss_collection Ngoja nikuambiee, the shoes the way his standing na akiwa kwa hiyo mariaamuu just took me off.


Nduru Man is not a new name to Kenyans, having gained attention in 2022 with his videos where he would scream and capture people's attention.

In July 2022, while delivering goods in Karen, Nduru Man found himself in trouble when he was arrested for screaming in front of William Ruto's residence.


What appeared to be content creation landed him in hot water, and he had to cry in order to avoid being beaten up by the security personnel.

Comedian Eric Omondi was arrested in March when he attempted to march with thousands of CVs to State House, protesting the high cost of living.

Many people were undoubtedly awaiting the result of his actions, but he was arrested even before he could set foot on State House Road.


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